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A better way to manage your
healthcare technology costs

"We appreciate having real-time, immediate response to the buyer’s request—makes our job easier.

- Supplier CSR

"It did all the work, made life easy for me. Highly recommended."

- CE Imaging Technician

Better choices, better suppliers,
better information
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Cutting costs and operating more efficiently has never been more critical—and never been easier. With HealthTech Connect, you get 360-degree visibility into all areas affecting both clinical and financial performance. That’s because we provide access to real-time information on your devices, your products, and your opportunities. You have the complete end-to-end visibility necessary for better decision making.

With HealthTech Connect, You Get:

• Analytics and metrics to understand total cost of ownership
• Equipment, parts, repair and in-house service expenses all in one location
• Collaboration and roll-up with clinical and purchasing departments
• Price comparisons to make intelligent business decisions
• An integrated procurement system to streamline your medical equipment supply chain
• Unlimited device management

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